Egg Drop Soup for Breakfast


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Thanks to impending and lengthy dental work this morning (preparation for a bridge), I am going to have Egg Drop Soup for breakfast. The night before last, I watched a live Facebook video by Michele Tam of Nom Nom Paleo fame (she’s the author). You can find her site here: Her facebook page here: Her video is available on her facebook page.

Here is my version of Egg drop soup for breakfast:


I have to admit it doesn’t look that appetizing. But it tasted good. And was very calming to my stomach. Next time I won’t add mushrooms. This was very easy to make. And I used a Costco shortcut. They sell an organic chicken stock (made with roasted chicken bones). It’s high in salt, so I added water to reduce the salt load. Next, Shortcuts to make Whole30 easier.



Confession – Cheating on the Whole 30


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Without apology.

I shouldn’t even call it cheating. Modification. Yes, that’s a good word for it.

Frankly, I can’t afford to go whole hog on the Whole30, both in terms of the actual food and time.

My reason: my husband has cancer. My husband also has special dietary needs that are different than mine. Money is tight. So is time.

So I have compromised in the following ways:

  1. I put whole milk in my coffee. No more sugared creamers with unpronounceable ingredients.
  2. No organic food, unless it is easy, reasonable in price, and doesn’t require me to make extra trips to obtain it.
  3. If a condiment has a smidge of sugar in it or canola oil, I’m going to allow it.

That said, my meals and snacks are pretty much Whole30 approved. Mustard is my condiment of choice. And compliant salsa is easy to find. No grains, no sugar including artificial (except for fruit), no legumes, no dairy, except for the above mentioned milk in the coffee.

So here is today’s breakfast recipe, which can be modified endlessly. Eggs in a nest with vegetables and/or potatoes. cooked with coconut oil. Or if I make it for my husband and me, cooked in olive oil. He likes hashbrowns (I buy Alexa), with onions and possibly green peppers and/or mushrooms.


Day one completed, Day two here we come


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Looks like this is going to be my kale week….and later my spinach week. I bought both of these from Aldi’s. The kale is organic. I’ve also tried to make life easier on myself by buying pre-cut items like cubed butternut squash from Costco and organic Chicken stock. What do you think…is it Whole30 compliant?

Finished – What I Learned from Doing the Whole30


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I lost 11.4 pounds on the Whole30. My friends, my coworkers, and my family who watched me go through this are impressed by the weight loss. They could see that I was losing weight and that I was eating good food every day for every meal, and I ate plenty of it. My family witnessed me coming home from work and cooking dinner. But not grazing from the minute I walked in the door until bedtime.

But it wasn’t about the weight loss, although that was a nice bonus. It was about changing my relationship with food, becoming better nourished. I learned a lot about added sugar in processed convenience foods. I had to add salt to my food because whole foods have a lot less salt. I cooked with good oils. It was not a low fat diet. I had to eat a teaspoon of oil with every meal. I was rarely hungry, free from cravings, well fed.

I learned by reading labels how much sugar, industrial seed oils, and soy are in the processed foods I ate every day.

I learned that eating fruits, vegetables, animal protein (including eggs), and good oils was satisfying.

I learned some new recipes.

I learned to roast vegetables. Yum.

I learned I enjoyed cooking once I got started. And after a week on the plan, I found that I had the energy to cook. Before Whole30, I would come home from work too tired to cook. So I would eat something, and throw some chicken strips and tater tots in the oven. Or I would eat something and my husband would cook dinner.

I experienced only very mild cravings at most. My friends said, “I wish I had your willpower.” My daughter said, “It didn’t take much willpower, did it?” She was right. For me, this was easy compared to Weight Watchers, Tops, or any other diet I have tried. I have been overweight for 20 years. (I am 56 now.) This plan did not require counting calories, writing in a food journal, or weighing myself in front of other people (even though only the person weighing me at Weight Watchers or TOPS knew how much I weighed, I felt humiliated when I failed) The only important thing here is eating good food and eating enough of it.

I learned it is a lot easier to say no when I was well fed and nourished.

I learned that I don’t deserve a cookie, a muffin, a candy bar. I also found that the cookies, muffins, and candy bars never satisfied me. I always wanted more. Then I would chastise myself for being “bad.” Not good.

I learned that most fast food and restaurant food isn’t good for me. The money I would spend on McDonald’s could go toward buying better food. Why did I eat a breakfast burrito? It only cost a dollar? Because I was starving and had not taken the time to make breakfast. A dollar could buy a half dozen regular eggs.

The next step is reintroducing some of the foods I have eliminated from my diet. Yesterday I ate what I thought would be good food as a reward (that is messed up thinking.) – Bob Evans “natural” sausage. It had pork, salt, and a little sugar. Ugh. It was way too salty and hard to get the bad taste out of my mouth. I had natural Koeze peanut butter with my apple at lunch – along with a sweet potato, chicken, and roasted broccoli. At supper time, I ate my husband’s chili which has kidney beans in it. This morning I have a headache for the first time in weeks. Maybe it’s the kidney beans or peanut butter. Or maybe that awful sausage. Anyway, back on the Whole30 for two days. This morning I am making chicken for breakfast.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the other foods I have eliminated affect me. I’ll try legumes again without the awful sausage patties in a few weeks. Peanut butter is one of my favorite foods. I can give up beans easily. I’ll have to see if Peanut butter is okay. I might switch to one of the other butters.


Non-gluten grains


gluten grains.

The Whole30 book has an alcohol reintroduction on the first day. The website doesn’t include it at all. But that’s okay for me. I already know what alcohol does to me. Diarrhea every time. That’s one of the reasons I gave it up after college.

I noticed there is no reintroduction for sugar filled treats. 🙂


My last meal on the Whole30 – turmeric baked chicken, roasted broccoli, and a sweet potato.

Day 25 – only 5 days to go!


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I don’t know if I have lost weight, but I suspect I have. People at work are noticing. My clothes are looser. I may have to go into my next group of clothes. And my coworkers have noticed that I am eating delicious food and plenty of it. This is the best food plan I have ever been on. My friend is really interested in taking this on. After I am done with my Whole30, I am planning to lend my book to her. We worked together for 10 years at a law firm. She was always trying me to join her crazy diets. Eat only vegetables during the day, then meat at night. Diet soup. 988584_10152986710891381_8748417736864395302_n

She made the lovely Whole30 compliant meal above for me at our lunch gathering.

Today, I had my scrambled eggs with spinach and homemade bacon pieces from uncured bacon, with a banana on the side. Leftover beef stew for lunch. Leftover beef stew for supper, plus zucchini and mushroom medley. And snacks. Tomorrow I am planning to go fishing with my husband, Lord willing. What should I take to eat that is Whole30 compliant? So I put a pan on the stove to cook the eggs. My daughter, who has gone from poo pooing my diet plan to grudging support, said, “Mom, what are you cooking?” My husband walked out to the kitchen and ask the same thing. They have all been enjoying most of the meals I am cooking and trying out. My daughter said to me, “You should always eat this way.” Well, we’ll see. I went out for a lunch with my team at work yesterday. There was only one choice on the menu I could eat. At least there was that. There was pizza for my daughter’s birthday tonight. I didn’t eat it, but I did eat my meal before they got home with the pizza. A good strategy. Keep on keeping on, folks. 🙂

Rescued Recipe!


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Rescued my less than delicious homemade paleo chicken nuggets. No one but me would eat them. They did taste like chicken chunks covered with bits of pecans and sawdust. So I put them in the freezer. today I threw them in a pot with four cups of homemade chicken stock, a can of Rotel tomatoes, and a couple handfuls of spinach. Very satisfying with just the right amount of heat. Great for my lunches for the next couple of days.

I have been enjoying reading Well Fed. I might even try a dessert.


Day 13 & 14- A weekend visit


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This weekend I had to deal with going away from home and staying on the Whole 30. I have to say it wasn’t too bad. I just brought our food with us and cooked it for everything. This morning they ate donuts for breakfast, and I had scrambled eggs with a potato, onion, and red pepper, and a nectarine on the side.

We are having steak and hamburgers for lunch, for Father’s day. I’ll just make a side dish, and fruit.

The big challenge will be in two weeks when I go to my brother’s house for the 4th of July. Then, I will have to really plan ahead. It might be easier to come to my son’s house instead.