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The first morning on the Whole30, I tried black coffer. Bleck. I couldn’t drink it.

In the last year, I have begun to wonder if I liked coffee or just the flavored creamer I put in it. Lately, I had been putting two of those little creamer containers in my coffee. Every morning at work. Two or three times. I wonder if the reason I think Dunkin Donuts coffee is so delicious is due to the half and half they put in it.

After the first morning, I made the coffee weaker, and liberally sprinkled cinnamon on top the grounds. Not bad. This morning I added some ground cloves. The cloves overwhelmed the cinnamon, but was very good. I might try some fresh mint (Grows aggressively in my front garden) and cocoa mixed in. Or pumpkin pie spice?

What have you tried? I haven’t tried any of the compliant “milks” yet.

Eat Good Food.