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I don’t know if I have lost weight, but I suspect I have. People at work are noticing. My clothes are looser. I may have to go into my next group of clothes. And my coworkers have noticed that I am eating delicious food and plenty of it. This is the best food plan I have ever been on. My friend is really interested in taking this on. After I am done with my Whole30, I am planning to lend my book to her. We worked together for 10 years at a law firm. She was always trying me to join her crazy diets. Eat only vegetables during the day, then meat at night. Diet soup. 988584_10152986710891381_8748417736864395302_n

She made the lovely Whole30 compliant meal above for me at our lunch gathering.

Today, I had my scrambled eggs with spinach and homemade bacon pieces from uncured bacon, with a banana on the side. Leftover beef stew for lunch. Leftover beef stew for supper, plus zucchini and mushroom medley. And snacks. Tomorrow I am planning to go fishing with my husband, Lord willing. What should I take to eat that is Whole30 compliant? So I put a pan on the stove to cook the eggs. My daughter, who has gone from poo pooing my diet plan to grudging support, said, “Mom, what are you cooking?” My husband walked out to the kitchen and ask the same thing. They have all been enjoying most of the meals I am cooking and trying out. My daughter said to me, “You should always eat this way.” Well, we’ll see. I went out for a lunch with my team at work yesterday. There was only one choice on the menu I could eat. At least there was that. There was pizza for my daughter’s birthday tonight. I didn’t eat it, but I did eat my meal before they got home with the pizza. A good strategy. Keep on keeping on, folks. 🙂