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Without apology.

I shouldn’t even call it cheating. Modification. Yes, that’s a good word for it.

Frankly, I can’t afford to go whole hog on the Whole30, both in terms of the actual food and time.

My reason: my husband has cancer. My husband also has special dietary needs that are different than mine. Money is tight. So is time.

So I have compromised in the following ways:

  1. I put whole milk in my coffee. No more sugared creamers with unpronounceable ingredients.
  2. No organic food, unless it is easy, reasonable in price, and doesn’t require me to make extra trips to obtain it.
  3. If a condiment has a smidge of sugar in it or canola oil, I’m going to allow it.

That said, my meals and snacks are pretty much Whole30 approved. Mustard is my condiment of choice. And compliant salsa is easy to find. No grains, no sugar including artificial (except for fruit), no legumes, no dairy, except for the above mentioned milk in the coffee.

So here is today’s breakfast recipe, which can be modified endlessly. Eggs in a nest with vegetables and/or potatoes. cooked with coconut oil. Or if I make it for my husband and me, cooked in olive oil. He likes hashbrowns (I buy Alexa), with onions and possibly green peppers and/or mushrooms.