A diagnosis of an autoimmune/inflammatory skin condition started me on the Whole30 journey. I started to wonder what else might be inflamed in my body. Things I couldn’t see. So I went to Google, the source of all great knowledge, looking for autoimmune/anti-inflammatory diets. Whole30 kept popping up.

So I downloaded “It Starts With Food” on Monday and read it in about three days. I ordered the Whole30 from Amazon, along with some cookbooks. (I’ll review some of them later in this blog.

On Thursday I decided to start it on Monday, June 8th. My husband and my youngest daughter were gone for a week to house sit for my son while he was in Seattle doing IT work. And babysitting his cats. Perfect. The ones most likely to sabotage my new way of eating were gone for a week. My older daughter, Mary, went along for the While30 ride.

On Saturday, I went to Costco and bought organic chicken thighs, drumsticks, and ground beef. I bought some organic vegetables at a local grocery store. On Sunday, I did my first cook up. I browned some ground beef, baked some sweet potatoes, and cooked a couple of pounds of chicken thighs.

Today, June 16, is my eighth day. Last week I had a headache for several days, but not too bad. Mostly, I noticed that I wasn’t eating everything in sight, and my digestive distress was mostly gone.

I don’t have a menu of what I ate each day, but here are some pictures.


Sauteed vegetables, chicken and baked sweet potato


Steak, cauliflower, and blue berries plated on a bed of spinach (notice how I fancied up that description)


Eggs sauteed with spinach, topping a baked potato (a common breakfast)


Salad with chicken, vinaigrette.


This morning – Chicken, summer squash, kale, onion sauteed in coconut oil, with apple on the side. (I’m not going to lie – I like the taste coconut oil in many of my dishes. I didn’t know it existed before starting Whole 30).

So so far so good. My husband returned on Saturday, and hasn’t been very helpful. But he is willing to eat what I make some of the time. More about this later.